“I met Troy and Ronie Powell back in 2016 when our paths crossed in Brentwood, TN. I knew I had just met friends for life as we talked all things horses and I realized how much we all had in common when it came to our philosophy and core values. 

Troy is passionate about giving young horses or older horses a thorough education. He finds the areas they need confidence and understanding in and teaches them the things they must know to get along in our human world. 

Every horse that enters his property is treated like one of his own. They are fed properly while he helps them grow mentally, physically and emotionally. Each horse learns how to feel good about themselves while learning what a solid foundation is all about. Troy and Ronie keep a very clean, horse friendly environment where the horses get to enjoy turnout, good feed, rotation between grass turnout and dry lots. If you or your horse have anxiety or high blood pressure, you’ll feel it level out as you drive in the gates and gain knowledge. 

I feel very fortunate to be able to lean on Troy as a fellow professional to help me out when I need an assist with a young horse or a partner to ride out with on a newly started young horse. I’m pretty careful about who I ride with depending on the stage of the horse I’m riding and I would put Troy at the top of my list. He knows when I might need his support and when I’m good to go. 

When it comes to educating a horse you need to take the time it takes to instill confidence in them instead of MAKING them do it. Troy has always been a great example of the phrase Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. It may appear that things are going slowly but in my opinion those that work this way are the BEST for the horse and get the furthest with them. 

If you are into quick fixes, band aids, show boating, gadgets, excuses, sugar coating, a wall of bits…you won’t find these things with Troy. 

If you are into consistent concepts that build on the previous which give the young or uneducated older horse a solid understanding of the basics that are needed to develop a well rounded partner I would HIGHLY recommend Troy. He always encourages the owner of the horses in training to come watch, ask questions and be involved if possible. I’m so lucky to have met Troy when I did and feel very fortunate to call him friend and fellow advocate for the horse.”

Alicia Byberg-Landman, Nashville Horse Trainer

“I have been watching Troy start/restart horses and work with horse & rider for nearly 10 years. There’s a checklist, but his approach is far from cookie-cutter. Every horse is evaluated and it’s individual needs are addressed – whether it’s backyard-bred, a wild mustang, ‘just’ a trail horse, off the track, an ‘own son of’ or a six-figure dressage horse. Every horse that leaves his outfit is better for having been there.  

Troy doesn’t only focus on the horse, though. He not only welcomes owners/riders to participate but encourages them to come for lessons with their horse during the training period and to return for follow-up visits. 

I’ve also been fortunate to work with Troy with four different horses of my own. Having to balance life with horse dreams has been a challenge, but he has been there every step of the way, knowing exactly when I need a suggestion or gentle nudge or giant push in the right direction. “

Lisa Barlow

“I have been sending horses to Troy Powell for several years, and I have always been very happy with the results. He is without question one of the most gifted horsemen I have encountered in my 50 years of playing this game.

He has started colts for us, worked with troubled horses that we purchased, and he gives all of our babies a jump start on their education by refining their halter breaking and training them to load in the trailer before they leave for their new homes. He doesn’t just train horses – he shows them a better way and teaches them to trust.

The best part of it is that I have learned something from each one of these experiences… Troy gives every opportunity for you to learn as much as your horse!”

Pam Richardson

“Mein besonderer Dank gilt Troy Powell. Mit ihm arbeiten und von ihm lernen zu dürfen, ist mir eine außerordentliche Freude und Ehre.”

My special thanks go to Troy Powell. Working with him and being able to learn from him is an extraordinary pleasure and honor for me.

Marie Frey, EWU trainer for competitive western riding in Germany

“I have been around horses all my life.  It started with following my grandfather around on my pony checking cattle.  I have now been riding with and learning from Troy for six years on almost every weekend with two different horses.   

My first horse, Vanna, was in her late teens when I met Troy. We were having issues with trailer loading, so I contacted Troy. He gave me tools and understanding, and Vanna and I never had another problem with a trailer. And of course, it was not simply about trailer loading after all! Troy continued helping me develop my relationship with Vanna over the years. She and I had another five wonderful years together. I am indebted to Vanna for giving me the drive to seek help and find Troy.

I think with serendipity, and with Troy’s guidance, I found my next horse Gunny.  She had only had seven rides when she arrived. Troy has continually helped me to work on her foundation. By rope work and riding with cattle, he has helped to keep her fresh and engaged. He has always been there with a helping hand with great confidence in both of us.  

I greatly admire Troy and have benefited greatly by his sharing his views and his tools. His confidence in me and my horse is what keeps me inspired.” 

Deadra Jewell

Troy Powell understands the horse to it’s core and is a true advocate for that animal. In my opinion, he is not merely a “horse trainer”, but a true horseman. His way with horses is its own language, and the the horse truly appreciates it, because he lets the horse speak and be understood. It’s a pleasure to know Mr. Troy, to work alongside him in this industry, and to watch his results speak for themselves. 

Emily “Emmy” Love, Horse Trainer at Love Dressage & Horsemanship

“Troy Powell gave me a new start with my troubled 7-year-old Hanoverian-Appaloosa gelding, Reynard (now known as “Texas”).  I had “Texas” transported to Troy’s from San Antonio, at the urging of my daughter, who had successfully worked with him with several of her horses. She convinced me Troy was the trainer I needed to help me with my horse problems. Even when I presented her with other natural horse trainers in Texas, my daughter convinced me time with Troy would be more valuable and well worth the long haul.

She was so right! In spite of my working and riding my horse most everyday, he often startled and had difficulty relaxing and focusing. He had come a long way since I bought him the year before, but he still had lots of issues. Like every horse lover, I think my horse is very special, and I feel an obligation to make him the best “citizen” he can possibly be. Texas and I needed help, and Troy provided it.   

Arriving at Troy’s a month after Texas had been there, I found a changed horse! Texas was more relaxed and confident.  He was focused and very attentive to Troy’s gentle communication. Watching the two of them together was like seeing a dance–Troy asked, Texas answered, all the while attentive to Troy on the ground or in the saddle. 


Troy’s decades of experience and deep passion for horses compels his generosity in sharing what he knows and understands about them with their owners. It is heartening to see his devotion to improve the lives of horse and owner by doing what he loves, training and handling horses. Troy is a rare human who understands horses more deeply and complexly than anyone I’ve ever met. I feel very blessed to have come to know him and his lovely wife, Ronie. Together, they have made their training farm a place of equine learning and growth. 


I can now ride Texas in the field or haul out for a long trail ride knowing he’ll be happy and relaxed.  He is now a trustworthy “citizen” and we both have acquired behavioral tools to keep getting better! “

Tamara Wong

No matter your discipline, a horseman of this caliber is an asset.

Ann Corbin, Whipper-In at the Shawnee Hounds

“I have been extremely fortunate to know and ride with Troy for several years now. He helped me put an amazing start on my young mare, and later spent even more time helping her work through emotions and questions after she came back into work from having a *surprise* baby. Troy has also worked with me many times with another mare who unfortunately had a mysterious but obviously rough start before I owned her. Troy helped me break it down for her into parts she could handle and build it back up as she became ready and more confident. She’s now one of the best hunt horses I’ve ever had.  

Troy’s ability to look at different horses and know what they need is incredible, and any opportunity to study under and work with him is invaluable. He helps horses learn in a manner that works for them, and he has helped me understand a different way of going about what I ask of my horses and what to look for from them. Troy is a true master who genuinely cares about each horse he works with, and I cannot recommend his services enough! “

Jocelyn Stephens McDonald

“I have been incredibly fortunate to ride with Troy. My horse and I both had severe confidence problems. Other trainers told me to force him to do what he didn’t want to do, even though he appeared afraid. They said he was a mean horse. He wasn’t mean. He was immature and had little confidence. And my anxiety and fear only worsened the problem. Let there be no doubt: a scared horse can be a dangerous horse. But I refused to give up on mine.

Then, I found Troy, and he had me support my horse and gave me lots of tools. My horse is now a totally different horse and, of course, I am more comfortable with him. People who knew him before said he is a different horse – a push button horse! Which is laughable, after all we went through.

I am 67 and have been around horses my whole life. The basics are easy. Horses are prey animals and are, therefore, most comfortable in a herd. What we didn’t understand for years is how intuitive they are and how important it is that they are able to trust a human with their life. When we take them away from the herd, they need to develop confidence and maturity. Without the right support, some never do. For their development to be successful, they need a horse person/trainer to be calm, understanding and most importantly, fair.

Troy has spent a lifetime with horses. He spent years on ranches in the west, and he spent hours and hours on horses while running large cattle ranches. He had to depend on them – for not only his livelihood, but for his safety as well. He learned their minds like few horsemen have.

I have had horses in training. Most trainers, especially those with a lot of horses, spend less than 30 minutes a day with the horse, 4 to 6 days a week. It is a tough business – and, in many cases, it is a numbers game. Many horses in large operations are started with interns, assistants, etc… and time is typically spent in round pens and rings. Time is money.

Troy does things differently, and with great results. Troy starts horses in a round pen, but their education doesn’t end there, and it all changes after that. They are ridden, often for hours a day, both in the open and on trails. He gets them comfortable with ropes, hobbling, and he works and ropes calves on them. But he doesn’t train the whole time. As he says, “Train a little, ride a lot.” During that process, as he says, he “makes the uncomfortable, comfortable.” Above all, he is fair and he develops great confidence in his riders and in his horses.

So, you say, wait, I do not need a ranch horse. You might not, but a confident horse will be more successful, happier and safer in anything they do, whether their future be trail, performance, dressage, or hunting – and Troy will help them get there.”

Brooke Doswell

“In the ancient days, Mr. Troy Powell might have been called “charmed” for he is gifted in way that is beyond mere acquired knowledge and time in the tack—though his resume would outshine the pack on experience alone. But there exists in him a sixth sense, an inner knowing, that feels what it is that the horse needs in order to gain confidence and settle into its job. He effortlessly supports the scared, worried, or anxious horse in a silent “c’mon buddy, you got this” kind of way that is so subtle it could easily be missed by the onlooker keen on flashy tricks and gimmicks. Yet his “less is more” method yields results—big results.

There’s no doubt that any horse fortunate enough to cross paths with Troy Powell—or better yet spend 60 days at his pen— is a more solid and safer mount for it.” 

Jenna Horne

195 Mires Road
Mount Juliet, Tennessee
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