“My goal is to help horses overcome problems and to help riders overcome fears. Instilling leadership skills in riders and facilitating sound communication between horse and rider are the foundations of my philosophy as a horseman. My journey continues every day, and if I can help anyone with any aspect of their own journey, then I am fulfilled.”

Troy Powell

Troy Powell is a born and raised Middle-Tennessee native and life long horseman.

Troy’s passion for horses began as a young boy when he received his first feisty pony on his family farm. Horses continued to weave through Troy’s life – from his rodeo days, to his work with the show horse industry (where he trained and hauled youth and amateur exhibitors on the national Quarter Horse circuit), to ranching in both the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming – and, now, at his current homestead in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t spend in the saddle.

Though he’s not a student of any particular horseman, Troy has been influenced by and privileged to ride with many accomplished horsepeople – but he believes that the greatest teacher is the horse itself. Listening to and learning from the horse is a lifetime journey. 

At the present time, Troy trains horses both for himself and for the public, with particular interest in helping riders understand and become partners with their horses. 

195 Mires Road
Mount Juliet, Tennessee